Wound Care Today offers nurses, via its sister journals the Journal of Community Nusing (JCN) and the Journal of General Practice Nursing (GPN) an e-portfolio that can be used safely and securely to record any relevant revalidation activity. The easy-to-use e-portfolio dashboard will show you at a glance the progress you are making towards revalidation, and when the time comes for you to revalidate, a simple click of a button will provide you with all your documents as well as a customised PDF of your information.

What is revalidation?

the process that allows you to maintain your registration with the NMC:
  • it builds on existing renewal requirements
  • it demonstrates your continued ability to practise safely and effectively
  • it is a continuous process that you will engage with throughout your career.

Revalidate via JCN

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Visit the JCN website to activate your revalidation e-portfolio.

Revalidate via GPN

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Visit the GPN website to activate your revalidation e-portfolio.