Flen Health is proud to support Wound Care Today 2021.

The story of Flen Health began in 1998 when Philippe worked together with a burns centre in Belgium to develop a product to treat the daughter of a family friend who had been badly burned at a barbeque, shortly after that, in 2000, Philippe founded Flen Health.
Flen health is a family owned business with a strong culture and set of values. Our objective today is the same as Philippe’s in 1998 — to ‘improve the patient’s quality of life’ helping them to ‘live the life they love’ by providing effective products to heal topical skin disorders and wounds. Since our foundation, we have been committed to having a strong focus on research.
We have an in-house dedicated multidisciplinary team of experts whose daily objective is to transform their passion into effective and innovative wound and skin healing solutions, and we are continuing to invest in our research infrastructure to enable them to do so.
Our company’s future success will depend on our ability to develop and diversify our medical device and pharma portfolio through further innovative discoveries that effectively address real patient needs.
This is why Flen Health has chosen to support Wound Care Today to help facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the development of strategies for healthcare professionals that treat wounds. Flen Health is a market leader in Belgium and has recently established affiliates in the UK, DE and NL with Flen Health products currently being distributed in a total of 25 countries worldwide. Come and visit us to find out more about Flen Health and the medical solutions we provide.