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At Mölnlycke we believe in improving outcomes for patients and that starts with exceptional dressings. Our products are designed to help wounds heal, with minimal pain and low risk of complications.

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At MoInlycke, we appreciate that dressings are only part of the equation when delivering effective wound care.
Only 12% of the total cost of wound care is from dressing acquisition1. The remaining 88% results from managing infections, maceration, pain and anxiety, delayed healing, and the additional nursing and hospital resources these complications consume1.  

Guest J.F. et al. BMJ Open. 2015 Dec 7;5(12):e009283.

This is why we work together with TVNs, district nurses and generalist nurses to help them manage wounds in the community and in an acute setting, and why we support in implementing best practice wound care with our complete range of tailored services to help them achieve the best clinical outcomes.
We deliver a personalised education and support service that allows nurses to make decisions that result in the best clinical outcomes for their patients.  Whether it’s for staff, personal development or best practice, we offer a range of resources to ensure best practice and quality care.  

Our services include:

  • Training needs analysis – identifying areas where further education would enhance skills and knowledge
  • Face-to-face training modules
  • CPD-accredited online training
  • Trust/CCG account reviews – partnering with lead TVNs to consider overall performance and effectiveness of implementation

  • Bespoke treatment and patient pathway algorithms for challenges such as skin tears and pressure ulcer prevention – devising protocols and then supporting with the rollout, education and adoption within the Trust or CCG 
  • Clinical support to ensure implementation and compliance
  • Grants for research or education
  • Tailored materials such as formulary posters and booklets, and therapy area posters

For more information please contact your Mölnlycke account manager or visit our website –
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