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ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company, with leading market positions in ostomy care, advanced wound care, continence and critical care, and infusion devices. Our wound care products provide a range of clinical and economic benefits, including infection prevention, protection of at-risk skin, improved patient outcomes and reduced total cost of care.

ConvaTec are best known for our range of AQUACEL® dressings. AQUACEL® dressings launched 20 years ago with a breakthrough technology — Hydrofiber®. Hydrofiber® Technology works by gelling on contact with exudate, creating an optimal environment for healing wounds and minimising the risk of infection.

Negative pressure wound therapy

Biofilm e-learning module

The use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has the potential to heal complex wounds, manage wound symptoms and improve patient quality of life since its use results in a number of beneficial effects that promote wound healing.

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Biofilm e-learning module

Biofilm is thought to be present in all chronic wounds. Understanding what biofilm is and how to manage it is important to avoid delayed healing.

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Since then, we’ve never stopped innovating. Our range of AQUACEL® dressings now includes foams, anti-biofilm, post-surgical incision management, and the number 1 antimicrobial dressing today. We have also incorporated Hydrofiber® Technology with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in our Avelle™ disposable NPWT System.

ConvaTec is delighted to support this inaugural Wound Care Today event. Education is at the heart of our valueadded approach to wound care. We take great pride in our team of specialist clinicians who provide industry leading educational services to the NHS.
Following what promises to be a fantastic two-day programme, we are also partnering two e-learning modules throughout the next year on biofilm and NPWT. Each module delivers several learning aims and is completed with a learning test to validate your understanding of the modules’ contents. We very much look forward to supporting your ongoing clinical and personal development in these fascinating and evolving clinical topics.
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