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medi are the global leaders in venous health and lymphology care.

We offer you free access to training and support for you and your team with specialist account managers and a highly competent clinical team who understand all aspects of compression. We can show you how to measure and fit for the best outcomes for your patients.

Our clinical team offer free CPD training courses country-wide throughout the year. We also recognise that you may have specific clinical requirements and so we can create bespoke training for your teams, all free of charge.

We provide simple therapy chain concepts as follows

Wound care therapy chain concept:

Assess with the world’s fastest ankle brachial pressure index device
MESI ABPI MD – an accurate reading in one minute – no need for prior resting before testing! Know that you patient is right for compression and know what compression to use - Compress with confidence.
Clean and debride with UCS pre-moistened debridement cloth
Soft loop technology helps to catch wound debris & slough. Can be used both sides. Sterile and ready to use and half the cost of similar debridement products.
Heal venous leg ulcers with juxtalite
The only adjustable Velcro device with measurable compression. Eight sizes and 2 lengths for all stages of venous disease. We don’t just treat leg ulcers, we heal them.

Lymphology therapy chain concept (for treatment of chronic oedema/lymphoedema):

Skin care

Soften hyperkeratosis and reduce the risk of cellulitis with UCS – the only pre-moistened debridement cloth available on prescription.

Improve the shape and reduce the limb volume with juxtafit – instantly re-adjustable wrap device with measurable compression and a 12 months warranty.
It is important to keep the reduced limb in the best shape possible. This is easy with our wide range of flat knit hosiery, such as our mediven mondi range, which is available in many colours and at no extra charge.

Other educational resources:

All our literature has a *made easy* title.
We have looked at venous disease and made compression easy, same with made to measure – all our brochures are free to order in single or bulk quantities from
We look forward to working with you and helping your team by saving them time and offering cost-saving solutions.