Vascular assessment

Vascular assessment is a vital component of holistic patient assessment for patients presenting with leg ulceration that helps to identify peripheral arterial disease (PAD). For patients with PAD, the application of compression therapy can result in harm as it may compromise restricted blood flow to the affected limb even further.
For this reason, the assessment of peripheral perfusion by determining the ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) is a recognised requirement for leg ulcer and diabetic foot management and is detailed in national guidelines. However, there is a disconnect as this is not done for many patients with ulceration.
The advent of new devices which can simplify ABPI measurement may prove invaluable in ensuring that all patients are tested and diagnosed appropriately, and receive the right treatment.


Vascular assessment
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Vascular assessment, commonly using ABPI, is critical to determine if peripheral arterial disease is present before treatment with compression therapy. Failure to carry out assessment can result in harm in patients with arterial disease.

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Vascular assessment e-learning module