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Smith & Nephew supports healthcare professionals in reducing the human and economic cost of wounds through pioneering solutions that help improve patient outcomes, and at the same time help conserve resources for health systems.

At Smith & Nephew, we believe it’s T.I.M.E1,2 for something new. Find out how our new products, services and innovative plan-on-a-page (POP) tool, developed in partnerships with nurses and specialist wound care clinicians, can assist in selecting the right treatment to help you get CLOSER TO ZERO delay in wound healing.

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Wound infection e-learning module

Wound infection can pose a significant challenge to healthcare professionals, as it can delay healing and increase pain, exudate volume and malodour. Thus, wound infection should be identified and treated effectively at the earliest sign of changes.

Module details

Smith & Nephew is dedicated to helping healthcare professionals improve the quality of care for patients, by providing relevant and up-to-date medical education and training on our portfolio of Advanced Wound Management products. Working in conjunction with you, our Clinical Excellence Managers can support and deliver:
  • Clinical education
  • Bespoke practice change programmes
  • Lunch and learns
  • Practice development toolkits (PDTK) using real local data
  • SNAP audits
  • Localised wound assessment (appropriate use and support)
  • Case study support and publication development
  • Local study events
  • Information on the FORMEO online, non-prescription ordering platform
Click on the images below to find out more information on our range of new products for 2018 including the MolecuLight i:XTM device which can guide more efficient and targeted debridement3,4,5, the PICO 7 single-use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (sNPWT) device which has been shown to help heal chronic wounds 6 times faster than predicted with standard wound care dressing*8, and the new ALLEVYN LIFE Non-Bordered dressings with intelligent exudate lock in6,7.

Smith & Nephew is proud to support healthcare professionals by connecting them with other experts in their field of speciality. The Expert Connect Centre situated at Croxley Park on the outskirts of London, UK, enables surgeons and nurses across multiple disciplines, to learn from their peers in an advanced, supportive setting. Events held here include Advanced Practitioner Forums, Expert Meetings and Wound Clubs. Find out more about these events and how you can get involved from your local Smith & Nephew representative.

CLOSER TO ZEROTM: The only target worth aiming for

*Based on 5 out of 9 wounds responding; wound mean duration prior to study 44 weeks, study size n=9.
The MolecuLight i:XTM Imaging Device  is distributed by Smith & Nephew. The MolecuLight i:XTM Imaging Device is approved by Health Canada (Medical License #95784) and has CE marking (Certificate #G1160292355002) for sale in the European Union. The device is not available in the US.
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