Chronic oedema

Chronic oedema in the lower limbs is characterised by swelling and with time can lead to skin changes, including skin folds, ulceration, exudate and recurrent cellulitis.
Intervention should be made as soon as possible if complications are to be minimised and outcomes optimised. Identifying the causes of oedema is important so that medical management can be initiated or reviewed. Lower-limb management using skin care, compression and exercise to reduce swelling and maintain reduction should be based on the findings of holistic patient assessment.
Management decisions should be made in partnership with the patient to address help promote treatment compliance and self-care.

Chronic oedema - e-learning module

Chronic oedema, swelling that has been present for 3 months or longer, has multiple causes and can have a negative impact on patient quality of life if left to progress. Identifying cause and managing using the cornerstones of skin care, exercise and compression therapy is key to successful outcomes.

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Chronic oedema e-learning module