Leg ulceration

Venous leg ulcers are the most common type of ulceration. They have a profound effect on patient quality of life and incur a significant cost burden on the health service. 

Comprehensive holistic assessment is crucial to establish an accurate diagnosis and to ensure appropriate management is implemented, with regular reassessment required to ensure that care selected is relevant as the patient and their wound progress or deterioriate. 
The application of compression therapy is a key part of management and prevention of recurrence, and should be selected in consultation with the patient to actively involve them in their own care.


Leg ulceration - e-learning module

A venous leg ulcer is an open lesion below the knee that occurs in the presence of venous disease and takes more than two weeks to heal. The key to successful management is accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment through comprehensive holistic assessment.

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Leg ulceration e-learning module