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OSKA – the Pressure Care Experts

With more than 25 years of experience and expertise in delivering specialist pressure care comfort for patients and individuals, wherever they may be, OSKA are the Pressure Care Experts.

We give you the specialist products, expert knowledge and clinical support to make pressure care an intrinsic and cost-effective part of your organisation’s culture of care.

Trusted by long term care settings, hospices and hospitals in both the NHS and private sector, our holistic, cost-effective and sustainable approach to pressure care, includes:

  • specialist pressure care mattresses

  • beds for long term care settings, palliative/end of life care and NHS acute care settings

  • specialist pressure care seating

  • pressure care cushions and accessories

  • specialist furniture

Best in the world for pressure care solutions and clinical expertise, OSKA has long been recognised as the number one trusted partner of choice. Approved by Tissue Viability Nurses and Occupational Therapists across all healthcare settings, we also support:


  • your pressure care selection process and installation
  • your CQC Journey to ‘Outstanding’
  • mock CQC Inspections
  • QI Sustainability tools
  • the gold standard in pressure care training
  • access to our Pressure Ulcer Prevention Champions network
  • bi-annual review and consultancy
  • product servicing
  • product financing and maintenance

The OSKA 3C Principles

We know that every patient is different, and their needs have to be met within tight timescales and often limited budgets, so we use our 3Cs Principles to help you deliver the highest standards of care


  • outstanding pressure care performance
  • improved clinical outcomes for complex cases
  • pressure ulcer prevention is better than cure
  • focus on shear and pressure reduction
  • reduce falls
  • OSKA in-house clinical expertise


  • patient comfort is always paramount
  • ideal for palliative and dementia care
  • increased dignity
  • holistic care
  • eliminate non-compliance


  • cost-efficiency
  • reduce nursing time
  • controlled buying
  • reduce use of expensive mattresses
  • reduce electricity, servicing, breakdown and repair costs
  • reduce risk of litigation costs
  • reduce contaminated mattresses

WHY choose OSKA? Delivering comfort, changing lives


Founded on our Brand Ambassador, Ben Woodcock’s personal quest to develop a pressure care solution for his two-year-old daughter more than 23 year’s ago, OSKA’s pressure care mattresses have, and continue to be, designed from our outstanding experience in this field.


At the heart of our extensive R&D programme, are the close relationships we have with some of the UK’s leading Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists and eminent complex wound clinicians. These collaborative partnerships underpin our commitment to designing and manufacturing world class pressure care solutions, driven by cutting edge technology and innovation. We listen so you can have what you need.


Our fresh approach to pressure care prevention means partnering with OSKA will deliver considerable benefits designed to meet the challenges you face at the forefront of patient and resident needs.


Care professionals know that reactive treatment is always more costly than prevention. Rather than firefighting as issues arise, a well-thought-out 360° holistic approach, tailored to the specific needs of your setting, is the most cost-effective route to a sustainable and relevant solution that delivers comfort and changes lives.