Wound exudate

In acute wounds, exudate is a ‘healing agent’ since it bathes the wound bed with the essential components of tissue repair. However, if too much exudate is generated, or if the wound becomes chronic, it can result in harm to the wound and surrounding skin, and delayed healing.
The impact on a patient’s daily life of living with an exuding wound is significant.
The possible cause of excessive wound exudate should be considered and addressed to create a moist wound healing environment.
Appropriate wound dressing selection is key to this, and will assist with successful wound healing and, most importantly, improve quality of life for patients.

Wound exudate - e-learning module

Exudate is produced as a normal part of wound healing. However, in excess volume or with chronicity, it can become a harming rather than healing agent. Exudate must be managed effectively to promote wound healing and alleviate symptoms.

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Wound exudate e-learning module