A unique spray-on dressing containing Chitosan FH02TM with a proven ability to help heal wounds.

LQD® dressing is used for the external, local treatment of chronic wounds (such as leg ulcers), secondary wound healing disorders, acute wounds and epidermal and superficial partial thickness burns.

LQD® is a natural product free from artificial additives or preservatives. Each 12ml bottle contains approximately 120 sprays (estimated 3 months usage). Once opened the product has a 12 week shelf life.
LQD spray

To learn more about LQD Spray and how it can be used in day-to-day practice, why not complete the LQD product in practice module and also gain CPD time for your revalidation portfolio.

Application is possible using the 4 steps below:

Step 1 - PREPARE

The wound should be cleaned and debrided, if required.

LQD step 1 - prepare

Step 2 - SPRAY

Spray evenly over the wound from a distance of 10cm. A 6cm x 6cm wound will typically need 3-4 sprays.
LQD step 2 - spray

Step 3 - WAIT

Allow the spray to dry for 2 minutes (to become a primary dressing).
LQD step 3 - wait

Step 4 - DRESS

Dress the wound with a secondary dressing and apply compression if appropriate.

LQD step 4 - dress

LQD® is an innovative and unique spray-on primary dressing containing Chitosan FH02™ for the external, local treatment of chronic wounds, acute wounds and superficial partial thickness burns. Chitosan FH02™ has a higher positive charge and the highest degree of de-acetylation of any chitosan product.
LQD® Wound Care is a division of Brancaster Pharma, an innovative specialty pharmaceutical company based in Reigate, UK. We are committed to delivering much-needed and great value healthcare products which help improve outcomes.