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H&R Healthcare Ltd represent world-class companies in the product areas of:

  • Advanced Wound Management
  • Compression
  • Infection Control
  • Lymphoedema
  • Skin Protection
...supplying innovative and cost-effective products across the UK.

H&R Healthcare are proud to be supporting skin tear education in partnership with Wound Care Today.


H&R Healthcare family

Our Philosophy.

All our products have been chosen to offer the best overall value to the NHS, measured by patient outcomes and overall cost effectiveness.  

Supporting Clinical education.  

Our experienced sales and clinical team support education. Working alongside clinicians the H&R Healthcare team support therapy and product education and training. In addition we support pathway development and bespoke educational tools.

The therapy areas supported by our specialist team include: Management of moisture lesions and incontinence associated dermatitis; Exudate management; Infection control; Leg ulcer management; Pressure area care; Compression and Lymphoedema.

H&R Healthcare Ltd are proud to be supporting the Wound care today skin tear educational module.


Kliniderm foam silicone border:

Available in standard and lite offers a solution to skin tear management, is ideal for low to moderate exudate levels and for gentle fixation. The dressing provides an ideal wound healing environment, protects from further injury and stays in place without causing trauma on removal. 

Kliniderm Foam silicone dressings:

Providing savings of up to 29%. Your cost-effective solution to skin tear management.

Step 1:

Skin flap rolled downwards to cover wound
Kliniderm application - step 1

Step 2:

Arrow drawn on dressing
Kliniderm application - step 2

Step 3:

Dressing applied with arrow to indicate direction of removal
Kliniderm application - step 3

Step 4:

Remove in direction of arrow
Kliniderm application - step 4

Kliniderm silicone wound contact layer

Kliniderm silicone wound contact layer:

A one-sided gentle contact layer enables passage of exudate and 14 days wear time enabling secondary dressing removal and wound inspection without disturbing the wound bed.
Kliniderm superabsorbent dressing

Kliniderm superabsorbent dressing:

Providing quality and savings of up to 79% ! The fastest growing brand in NHS SC.


SurgihoneyROTM is a cutting edge technology, an antimicrobial wound gel which delivers Reactive OxygenTM to the wound bed.  SurgihoneyROTM is proven to eradicate mature multi-species biofilm and recommended for treating venous leg ulcers in Public Health England’s Antibiotic Guidance.
Innovative technologies include:
Woulgan a beta-glucan gel with the ability to modulate the immunological system by activating macrophages to promote healing in stalled wounds.
Accel-Heal an electroceutical treatment proven to stimulate healing in leg ulcer patients through a single 12 day treatment.