We are UK distributors of the highest quality medical devices sourced from leading manufacturers throughout the world and are renowned for supplying innovative and cost-effective medical products to the NHS. We understand the value of education which is why we are excited to support Wound Care People across their platforms, including Journal of Community Nursing (JCN) and Wound Care Today (WCT).

Pain related to wound management can occur in many different forms and in chronic wounds has been considered a neglected area1. It is often underestimated and poorly managed, with nurses focusing on the wound itself rather than the whole person2,3.

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Products within our portfolio include:


Kliniderm product image The Kliniderm range offers significant savings whilst not compromising on quality.

The range includes Kliniderm foam silicone, Kliniderm superabsorbent, Kliniderm silicone wound contact layer and more recently Kliniderm foam, Kliniderm hydrocolloid and Kliniderm alginate.

The dressings are designed to manage exudate and create an optimised wound healing environment all with patient comfort and ease of application in mind.


Polymem product image The ‘all in one’ dressing that’s suitable for all painful wound types.

PolyMem is a unique multifunctional polymeric membrane dressing that modulates inflammatory response, relieves wound pain, supports autolytic debridement and simplifies dressing choice4,5.



Zorflex product image Antimicrobial. Protease Modulator. Conductive. Odour management.

Zorflex is a unique naturally antimicrobial and conductive wound contact layer which aids wound healing in complex wounds6 through its potential to stimulate fibroblast proliferation.

Zorflex is the only 100% carbon dressing designed as a conformable contact layer with four-fold benefits.


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