H&R Healthcare Ltd is a UK based distributor with over 12 years’ experience supplying innovative and cost-effective medical products to the NHS. We are proud to represent world-class companies in the areas of Advanced Wound Management, Infection Control, Compression, Lymphoedema and Innovations.

We are committed to working alongside Clinicians to provide education and training. In addition, we support pathway development and bespoke educational tools.
The areas supported by our specialist team include:
  • Exudate management
  • Infection control
  • Wound management
  • Compression and Lymphoedema
  • Bespoke educational tools

In case you haven't heard, we are now the UK distributor of...

PolyMem logo

PolyMem a unique multifunctional polymeric membrane dressing, specifically designed to modulate inflammatory response and relieve pain.

L-Mesitran logo

L-Mesitran a pioneering range of enhanced Medical Grade Honey products, carefully supplemented with antioxidants to provide the ideal formulation for a wide variety of wounds.

AndoFlex Logo

AndoFlex TLC a two-layer, latex free compression system that delivers continuous restorative compression.

Want to learn more about the unique properties of PolyMem, then why not complete our PolyMem e-learning module.
It counts towards your CPD revalidation!