Dealing with wounds on a daily basis can be challenging.

At Coloplast we want to help reduce this complexity and ensure that everyone caring for wounds feels confident that they are helping to optimise the healing process and providing patients with the best care.
Coloplast Sustainable Wound Care
In partnership with Healthcare Professionals we believe that we can truly make a difference towards Sustainable Wound Care through our:
  • Broad range of award winning high quality, user friendly products
  • A comprehensive professional educational programme. HEAL including EWMA endorsed material and the Triangle of Wound Assessment
  • An online non-prescription ordering service which allows your organisation to purchase formulary products without a prescription and control costs

With conventional foam dressings, a gap can form between the wound bed and the dressing.

This allows exudate pooling, which may lead to the risk of infection, and to a delay in wound healing (1-3). Biatain® Silicone is a conforming dressing with unique 3DFit Technology® that fills the gap and reduces exudate pooling to promote optimal wound healing conditions.
Biatain Silicone 3D Fit
By working together to achieve the same goals, we can help accelerate healing and deliver Sustainable Wound Care.

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